sports and entertainment

The sports and entertainment industry is a massive $480 billion market with worldwide presence and influence. The industry includes all aspects of entertainment, including films, TV shows, live music performances, and sporting events, as well as sports products, such as equipment and apparel. The industry also includes businesses that offer services to promote or support the performance of these industries, such as marketing agencies and public relations firms. This industry is known for its bright lights and roaring crowds, but it is also known for the enormous pressure on athletes to perform at an ever-increasing level of perfection.

Companies that use sports and entertainment marketing benefit from new channels of revenue and new audiences. Often, the companies that partner with specific teams and celebrity personalities generate sales in a different part of the market and build customer loyalty over time. The long seasons of sports and the availability of multiple media platforms make this type of marketing a smart way to expand your brand reach and grow your business.

While traditional pay-TV companies have lost ground to streaming services, the cable television industry still has one area of dominance: live sports. As cord-cutters have looked for alternatives to cable, they have found that live TV streaming services can be a great option. In addition to offering a variety of on-demand movies and TV, the top streaming services include national sports networks like ESPN and FS1, as well as regional sports networks such as YES in some markets.

Aside from the requisite fatty bar food, this UES spot offers great beer selections and large TV screens to watch games. The service is good here, but it gets packed during sports seasons and you may have to wait for a table. It’s worth a trip, especially for college sports fans.

The Upper West Side has a lot of options for sports bars, but Blondie’s takes the cake in our book. The wings are some of the best in NYC, and you can always get a seat on the low-lit couch to relax during a game. You can also chow down on other fried foods or burgers and fries.

With a literary past (Jack Kerouac and other Beat writers frequented this Greenwich Village joint), this low-lit Christopher Street pub is a haven for Packers fans. This bar is also a sports-lounge favorite for its rotating food specials, which include chicken and beef sliders and a cheesesteak sandwich. You can even get a pitcher of PBR or Narragansett, and they serve a full menu of cocktails.

This service, from NBC, offers live sports and some on-demand content. The $5-a-month premium tier includes access to English Premier League soccer, the Olympics, Sunday Night Football and select WWE events. In addition to these sports, Peacock has other niche channels, such as eSports, Indy Car races and some PGA golf tournaments. Its live sports offerings are limited compared to other streaming services, though.