Get to know Kyrie Munro

Kyrie Munro is a reporter and editor at the Beloit Bulletin, a newspaper in Wisconsin. She joined the staff in 2020 after working as a freelance writer for several years.

Kyrie has always been passionate about journalism, and her interest began when she was in high school. She took part in her school newspaper and yearbook and worked on stories, writing them with a unique voice that stood out. After graduating from college with a degree in communications, Kyrie began pitching stories to various publications until she eventually landed jobs with local papers where she wrote feature articles and editorials.

In her current role at the Beloit Bulletin, Kyrie serves as an editor and reporter covering topics ranging from local politics to education to business news. She also contributes opinion pieces regularly and often interviews sources for her stories.

Kyrie’s work has been recognized by numerous organizations, including the Wisconsin Newspaper Association which named her “Young Journalist of the Year” in 2020. Kyrie is also active in her community, serving on boards for several nonprofits that promote journalism and provide resources for aspiring writers.

Kyrie is committed to providing accurate news coverage while also bringing attention to important issues facing her community. With her background in print media and passion for storytelling, she continues to strive towards creating content that informs readers while sparking conversations about topics that matter most to them.